About the sessions

I am passionate about  improving the emotional wellbeing of people of all ages, and making a positive difference to people's lives. I believe that is reflected in my practice.

My aim, through counselling, is always to nurture the individual's own ability to  cope with their stress, anxiety, low mood and the ongoing issues in their lives. 

My therapy sessions are relaxed, comfortable and discreet. They are usually 1 -1 and face to face, but can also be online or,  in some circumstance, can be telephone appointments.

All the sessions are talk-based, some with an element of writing and often with homework, which can take the form of , e.g. completing journals, reflection, making and recording personal observations, etc. The work is done in a collaborative manner and every care is taken to make the client feel in control and at ease.

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Young Man Talking To Counsellor about behaviour