Coming in September!


Predominantly aimed at children who are lacking in confidence and need nurturing in order to attain their full academic and emotional potential, but open to all primary aged children in the Colchester area.

This service will be provided by a teacher with 20years' teaching experience and a passionate interest in improving mental health for all.

For further information regarding the tutoring service, please contact


                Kahlia Bament

        Telephone: 07593 282051



*Training in mental health awareness; providing insight into the mental health issues of children (and other members of staff) within school.

*Teaching staff will learn how to spot early signs of mental health issues and how to provide the right support within school.

*Teaching staff will learn which referral routes are likely to be most successful for the child.

*Ongoing mental health support scheme - For a small monthly fee, The Nurture Room will be available for telephone and email advice, for signposting to appropriate agencies and support with completing successful referrals.


*Psychoeducation and emotion management for kids

Offered in school, to groups of Key stage 2 children

*Children will learn why they feel the way they do, what their physical symptoms mean, and how they can manage problematic feelings in positive ways.

*Children will learn strategies to help themselves when they are having emotional difficulties, how to ask for help when they need it and how to effectively verbalise their feelings to others.

This would be in the form of a series of 3 fun, 45 minute sessions of learning through games and quizzes.