For teaching staff

Training in mental health awareness

The Nurture Room is now offering mental health awareness training for teachers and other staff. Sessions can be tailored to the size and needs of the school, but staff will learn:

  • How to spot early signs of mental health issues and how to provide the right support within school

  • How to support the individual child once referrals have been made and, more importantly, what to do if referrals are rejected.

Training in mental health awareness

The Nurture Room is also offering an ongoing telephone and email advice subscription service for a small monthly fee to advise staff on how best to help children who are struggling, and signposting to appropriate agencies, plus help with completing referrals. 

The Nurture Room | Mental health awareness training for teaching staff

For schools

For children in school

Psychoeducation and emotional management

The Nurture Room is now offering in-school workshops to all children in Key Stage 2, in the form of 3 fun, 45-minute sessions of learning through discussion, games and quizzes.


Working in small groups, the children will learn:

  • Why they feel the way they do, what their physical symptoms mean, and how they can manage problematic feelings in positive ways

  • How to apply strategies to help themselves when they are having emotional difficulties, how to ask for help when they need it, and how to effectively verbalise their feelings to others

The Nurture Room | Happy children working in small groups to explore their feelings
For the whole school

Our tailored, holistic approach

We know that the health and mental well-being of children in school can be impacted by the health and well-being of the staff, and vice versa.


We also know that no two schools are alike, and therefore one-size-fits-all training schemes are rarely successful in the long term.

That's why we're able to offer a tailored, whole-school coaching package, with interactive and engaging content for children, staff and parents, backed up by ongoing support.


For further information on any of our in-school services please contact us

The Nurture Room | Children in school lesson with happy teacher


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Kathy has been an amazing help with our daughter who suffers from anxiety. The change since seeing her has been outstanding. I would certainly highly recommend her.

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