'With support from Kathy, during my difficult stage, I am now in a more positive place.

Suffering from depression and anxiety, Kathy helped me with ways to manage these feelings. I can't thank her enough.' 

- AS -

 the Therapies

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

A therapy that involves breaking issues into thoughts, emotions, physical sensations and behaviours. Therapist and client work together to break toxic cycles. It is used to address issues such as anxiety, obsessive behaviour and depression

Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy

A talking therapy that helps you gain an understanding of the effect that past relationships and experiences have had on your current mindset and how, in turn, that affects your behaviour and attitude to those around you, which elicits particular responses from them. What you learn about yourself helps you to improve your relationships. 

Solution Focused Therapy

A talking therapy that is aimed at bringing a positive approach to the way you deal with any situation, by focusing on the end goal rather than the problem. Clients are supported to visualise their preferred futures and to work out the steps they need to take to bring about positive outcomes.

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Smiling female in therapy session recovering from anxiety and depression