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A different kind of tuition

There's no such thing as a 'one-size-fits-all' approach to education - we see every child as an individual with their own unique personality, skills, and interests.


We also also believe that how a child feels about themselves is key to unlocking their potential. No child should ever have to feel anxious about taking on new challenges in their learning.


Our education programmes will always reflect this through a tailored and topic-based approach coupled with a sensitive and empathetic attitude to our tutees.

Our aim is to build confident, resilient, and independent learners who will feel ready to take risks, solve problems, and tackle any challenges they encounter to reach any goal that they desire.

Our tutors are experienced primary teachers and a passion for nurturing emotional well-being. They are first aid and safeguarding trained, and hold enhanced DBS certificates. In addition, Kahlia has a range of mental health qualifications.

Plus, your initial consultation is free!

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Our tutees

We typically provide tuition to primary-school aged children in 1:1 sessions.


We prefer not to do group sessions, but can cater for siblings, for which we offer a discount.

Home-educated children 

Our tutors appreciate that modern life can be extremely stressful for children, and that sometimes mainstream schooling can be too overwhelming.

We will always put the emotional well-being of your child at the heart of their education as we believe that every child deserves the right to feel confident, have good self-esteem and be sufficiently resilient to deal with any challenges they may face.

In consultation with our tutees (along with their parents / carers) we will tailor an education programme to reflect their unique needs that supports and complements the education being provided at home.

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Mainstream educated children

We understand from our first-hand classroom experience that some children really struggle to maintain high levels of self-esteem, and this can greatly affect their confidence at school.

If your child is struggling, then our calm and thoughtful approach may be just the boost they need. After assessing your child's needs (through sensitive conversations with you as a parent / carer, and with your child) we will tailor a programme designed to build confidence, resilience and encourage greater independence so that they will feel ready to take on new challenges and achieve any goals that they desire.

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About our sessions

Fun, practical learning

After our initial consultation we will develop a learning plan (which will be shared with you and your child) that will provide a mixture of fun and practical activities that relate to the focused objectives.

This may take the form of a longer-term project in which a range of curriculum areas are covered through an area of the child's interests (eg ocean creatures), or shorter topic-based activities focused on a smaller number of subjects.

Whatever we plan, the goal will be to help build confidence through enjoyable and engaging learning activities.

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Building confidence

One of the strategies that we use to build confidence involves helping to make the positives stick.

Neuroscientist Rick Hanson notes, 'The brain is Velcro for negative experiences and Teflon for positive ones', so it is all too easy for children to lose sight of their successes and focus on the negatives.

The motivational speaker Steve Head advocates ways in which we can try and hold onto those positive memories, and notes that when we relive them it can actually create a biochemical response in the brain recreating the feelings that we experienced in that moment.


By keeping a record of positive moments, we have an easy way of bringing those moments alive again so The Nurture Room will provide each of our tutees with a 'Glimpses of Brilliance' book. At the end of each session together we will write down the child’s successes, and at the beginning of each session we will start by looking at those achievements to recreate those positive feelings and build their confidence and self-esteem along the way!

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Kahlia helped my son while she was his teacher. She made him feel special and understood how he felt (as he was going through an illness and awaiting an operation).


She helped him any way she could, helping him to learn and settle him when he became frustrated with himself. I felt comfortable knowing I was leaving him in good hands.

He misses her a lot and still talks about the lady who helped and told him stories.

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Where and when


All our sessions take place in the home of the child (or at another location chosen by the parent / carer). Children learn best in a familiar, comfortable environment.


We offer tuition sessions on Mondays - Thursdays, during term-time. Fridays are reserved for our kids club, The Retreat.


During our initial consultation we will discuss the best day, time and frequency for our sessions, depending on the needs of your child and the availability of our tutors.

The minimum session availability is 1 hour per week, however, this can be increased if desired.

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Pricing, booking and T&C's


We charge a flat rate of £30 per child per hour, however, we offer a 10% discount for sibling bookings. A mileage charge may also apply, depending on how far we'll need to travel to visit you.

Your initial consultation is free, so why not book in with us to discuss your child's needs?


Book your free initial consultation with us.


After that, we'll recommend an initial block of 6 sessions, in which we can build trust with your child and implement our learning plan. Tutoring sessions will then continue on a rolling basis until cancelled by you, in line with our terms and conditions. We don't offer one-off sessions.

Note: there is nothing to pay now - we won't take payment online.

We ask you to book for the free initial consultation, during which we will discuss the day, time and frequency of our sessions. We will contact you to arrange a time for the initial consultation, at which we will need the tutee and at least one parent / carer to be present.

There is no obligation to proceed with tutoring after the initial consultation, however, if you do wish to continue you will receive an invoice for the first block of 6 sessions. After that, if you would like to continue to receive tutoring there is no need to rebook - you will continue receive periodic invoices until the service is cancelled.

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Meet our tutors

Our tutoring service is provided by Kahlia Bament and Romea Cafasso.

Both are highly trained, experienced primary teachers with a passion for nurturing well-being.

Find out more about Kahlia and Romea (including their qualifications) in our Meet the team section.

Kahlia Bament | The Nurture Room | Tutoring | Colchester | Education Lead, Tutor, Experienced Primary Teacher
Romea Cafasso | The Nurture Room | Tutoring | Colchester | Tutor, Experienced Primary Teacher

Frequently asked questions

How does tutoring with The Nurture Room differ to other tutoring services?

At The Nurture Room our focus is very much on the individual and our sessions will always reflect this. We work hard to get to know the children we are working with and establish their interests so that every session can be uniquely tailored to their needs to provide the best learning experience possible.

We don't believe in just going through worksheets because our aim is about more than just ticking off academic progress. We want your child to become a confident, resilient and independent learner who will feel ready to follow their passions and grow into the person they want to be.

You talk a lot about confidence, resilience and independence, but how will this help my child academically?

Children who are confident, resilient and independent are far more likely to take risks in their learning. This means that they will feel ready to try new things, and tackle tasks that are challenging, helping them to progress academically.

How will you know what my child needs to move forward as a learner?

The first session we spend with your child will be to find out what your child's interests are and what needs they have in relation to their learning. This will involve discussion with you as a parent / carer, as well as with the child themselves. We will then be able to develop a learning plan specifically for your child encompassing their interests to maximise their engagement with subsequent sessions.

My child has a special educational need and/or disability (SEND). Will you be able to tutor them?

Yes! Whatever your child's needs our tutors will adapt their learning plan and activities to support your child so that they are able to achieve their very best. Our tutors are qualified primary teachers with experience working with children with a range of educational needs. Please contact us if you would like to discuss the needs of your child before booking.

What if my child won't engage during a session?

The focus at The Nurture Room is always on the individual and our tutors are experienced teachers who employ a very flexible and practical approach to any session. If your child is struggling to engage with a topic on a particular day the tutor will adapt it as necessary to get the best possible outcome from the session.

Do I need to be present at my child's tutoring session?

We find that children respond best without parents / carers in the same room, but we have no problem with parents / carers checking in occasionally to set their minds at ease.

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